Why Us?

Here at Document Solutions, we are dedicated to providing quality print and document management services at Simon Fraser University. Our goal is to support workflow automation for administrative, marketing and communication projects in order to minimize processing time and costs while providing convenience plus excellence in customer service. We offer various bonus services such as free proofing or sample prints alongside many of our products that may otherwise be charged at competitors.

All materials, equipment, occupancy, overhead, and unionized labour costs are factored into our pricing. Rates are cross-referenced against current commercial industry rates to ensure that Document Solutions’ products and services remain competitive and reasonably priced.

There is a premium charge for processing same-day rush orders because of halting other scheduled work and and/or staff overtime expense. Pricing for projects or work orders with special requirements are estimated in advance after job exploration, consultation, and negotiation. Agreements regarding pricing are documented and approved by clients prior to work being being initiated.