Practitioner’s Guide to Intelligence Analysis


Author: Dr. Ryan Prox, O.O.M., Simon Fraser University

Practitioner’s Guide to Intelligence Analysis is an essential guidebook for new and experienced intelligence analysts and crime analysts. Although there is a plethora of texts available on intelligence analysis theory, there are surprisingly few resources that address the pragmatics and hands-on mechanics of deconstructing police data and developing an action plan for processing disparate records. This textbook represents one of the few guides for practitioner’s that systematically walks the reader through the process of coding incident records for identifying MO typologies, preparing and cleansing communication records for importation into analytic tools, and interpreting outputs in easily understandable formats revealing hidden meaning within volumes of data. With a section dedicated to geo-temporal analysis that examines a range of event types such as IED incidents to residential burglaries, the reader will learn how to apply advanced GIS techniques in combination with algorithmic enabled social network analysis (SNA) methods to identify key persons of interest or responsible combatants. Complete with easy to follow instructions and exercises using industry standard technologies: IBM i2 Analyst Notebook, IBM i2 iBase, and Esri ArcGIS with Crime Analyst Extension, in addition to fundamentals such as Microsoft Excel, this book illustrates how to use integrated analytic tools and leverage this technology to create actionable intelligence products.

Subject Areas:
Criminal Intelligence, Crime Analysis, Law Enforcement, Telecommunication Data, IED Analysis, MO Typology, DNR/CDR Analysis, GIS Crime Analysis Techniques, Geo-Temporal Analysis.

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